Bankruptcy, Restructuring, And Creditors’ Rights

With today’s economy and healthcare system, people from all backgrounds and walks of life can end up deeply in debt. Perhaps you lost your job or were hospitalized unexpectedly. Whatever your situation, you have options. We handle all aspects of bankruptcy work and litigation. We have substantial experience on the creditor side on motions for relief from stay, dismissal, cash collateral, and plan confirmation matters. We have been involved in many asset sales and claim sales and have represented both debtors and creditors in single-asset real estate cases.

Our team members have the experience and knowledge to advise clients from a strategic stance, both out-of-court and in-court, in all types of financial situations. We will take the time to understand your situation and effectively diagnose problems, develop strategies, and recommend solutions to suit each client’s needs. Our vast experience enables us to help clients with reorganizations, and bankruptcy proceedings and provide comprehensive legal counsel to our clients. Even though our individual attorneys focus specifically on your matter, we work together as a team to give you the combined strength and knowledge of over twenty attorneys including a full team of Business, Tax, and Real Estate attorneys and Employment law attorneys.

We also understand cost-effective service is a priority. Our goal is to resolve your situation in the most economically sensible fashion, whether it be through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, litigation, or bankruptcy filing. The lawyers at PSE will strive to resolve your financial issues quickly and efficiently.

  • Pre-bankruptcy counseling and out-of-court solutions
  • Exemption planning and asset protection
  • Bankruptcy Court representation
  • Bankruptcy litigation
  • Filing under Chapters 7, 11, and 13
  • Defending preference and fraudulent conveyance actions
  • Foreclosure and receivership
  • Collections
  • Assisting secured and unsecured creditors 

Our team is ready to assist you